04 Mar 2014




Tata Scholarships at Cornell (US)

20 scholarships are available every year for Indian undergraduate students at Cornell University

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships (UK)

scholarships aim to help top Indian students follow in Manmohan Singh’s footsteps, by studying at the UK’s Cambridge University. Available for all courses except medicine and veterinary science

Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (UK)

scholarships are available at both undergraduate and graduate level

Edinburgh Napier University (UK)

UK universities offer scholarships for Indian students at graduate level

University of Sheffield (UK)

For Indian students at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level at The University of Sheffield

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Trinity College Dublin, which offers scholarships worth €9,000 (about US$11,700) per year for Indian students applying for undergraduate courses in arts, humanities, social sciences, science, computer science or engineering.

University College Dublin (Ireland)

The UCD Global Undergraduate Scholarship scheme offers five tuition fee scholarships worth €5,000 (about US$6,500) for science programs, and four worth €2,500 (US$3,250) for business, social sciences and arts

University of Wollongong (Australia)

one successful Indian applicant each year is selected for the UOW Bradman Foundation Scholarship

Huawai Maitree Scholarships (China)

the Huawai Maitree Scholarship program offers scholarships for Indian students, both undergraduates and graduates, to study in China

India 4EU II (Europe)

Scholarships are available for full undergraduate degrees, as well as shorter periods of study as part of exchange schemes.

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