Online and Group Tution


We are specialized in providing online tuitions for 6 to 12 grade students that covers all subjects (CBSE, KERALA STATE, ICSE, IB ) . We customize each tutoring session as per student's requirements. We extensively use digital white boards, audio and video to make the tuition more interactive and effective. Every session is one-to-one and personalized to your subject and your question.

What makes Elixir Superior

Superior teachers

Four Simple words to define our Teachers - Excellent People, Brilliant Minds! At Elixir, teaching is not just a profession. For our teachers, it is a commitment and a matter of pride and responsibility. We do not have any teachers who teach merely for money, year on year.

Our Elite group of teachers is a network of passionate individuals who want to contribute towards better learning outcomes and performance of students. Above all, we are a group focused on bringing happiness and joy through learning.

In addition, we have put 10+ years of deep research on effective teaching methodologies and the same is incorporated in the recruitment and training processes for Teachers. You can always be rest assured that students at Elixir are in safe hands.


Cutting edge technology

  • LIVE audio-video connection between Teacher & Student at very low internet bandwidths.

Connecting two individuals live with audio-video communication even at very low internet bandwidths requires complex and sophisticated technology. We at Elixir have mastered it.

Shared live learning environment (Whiteboard) between student and teacher.

We realized that best learning happens when a teacher personally sits with a student to discuss and teach him/her on a notebook shared between them. This is precisely what shared Whiteboard on Elixir replicates for student and teacher sitting thousands of kilometres away. We have put in months of energy in creating technology to make shared Whiteboard extremely seamless and intuitive for both teachers and students. Both teachers and students can not only write but also upload images to ask questions and/or explain concepts.

  • Learning Management Tools

We have created tools for holistic learning management that essentially includes teaching-learning content creation, sharing and evaluation. The content can range from a simple object test to creative assignments to session notes and yet have a lot of variation within it.

Performance Reporting for Students and Parents

Along with creating awesome learning management tool, our geeks have also developed a comprehensive performance and feedback reporting system. This would help teachers to share regular feedback on student's academic performance and other learning outcomes. It would also help students and parents to realize the weak areas in advance and start with remedial action well in advance.