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A very powerful diagnostic tool for our teachers and students!

Mr. Judith Hollows

MAIS Academic Development Manager(UK)

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Great to be with Elixir. You are doing this job with a lot of passion. Thanks. Will recommend this to friends.

Mr. Manoj Madhav

Strategic Accountant Head, Reliance communications

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DMIT is absolutely great! Do it so you know it! Thanks Elixir 5Q.

Manjit Mohan

CEO of Trekois

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A “MUST” DO. Recommended for Everyone. Gets you to understand yourself better. Thanks and God Bless

Mr. Purushothaman Pillay

Rtd. Army Officer, Indian Army.

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Wish I had access to this tool when I was a child.

Mr. Rajendran Valappil

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New Idea! Excellent experience!!! Felt very good….

Mr. Jayadas Menon

Administrative Officer, Indian Army

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DMIT tool is an excellent Psychological tool to analyze oneself. I had a better experience to assess myself.

Mr. Vinod Kottayil

Chief editor, Mentor magazine

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“ELIXIR 5Q SOLUTIONS DMIT analysis has a unique concept to identify inborn talent and hidden intelligence in a human being through the medium of finger prints. Students and individuals can find ‘the perfect’ direction of their lives and careers through it. We recommend all aspiring individuals and parents undergo ELIXIR 5Q SOLUTIONS DMIT analysis.”

Mrs. Smita Shashi

Former Head of Jumbo Kids Centre, Teacher

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When I heard about the DMIT Concept, I was very excited to know my inborn skills, and after the amazing counselling done by the Team, I was surprised to see that 95% of the report was accurate. If i had the privilege to do it at an early age, no doubt I would have been very successful. I would recommend everyone to do the DMIT Report, irrespective of your age.

I must say, it would definitely help you in 3 ways, Professionally, Personally and Socially.

Mr. Vincent Dsouza

Project Lead