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illions of theories, books, self-help and guided trainings exist today to help a person develop at school, work or just personally. But development at what cost? Whilst it may all be effective, but how precise is it? Has it hit home or just influenced? This is the perennial question that lies in the mind of any people-centric professional. How can we be EXACT?

Elixir is an Educational endeavour with a strong foundation and emphasis on Psychology. We apply next generation solutions to the education sector. It has created and deployed Strength based Psychometric and biometric evaluations, Remedial Life Skills, Students and Teachers Strengths Optimization Systems and Retention Management Solutions. We offer service to the schools as a educational consultancy.


“A n Educated and Enlightened society”


“To build life on a strong foundation of love, peace, synergy, wisdom and togetherness for the present and future generation”

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