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JIVA is a career guidance program created for India by a team of internationally acclaimed career psychologists. The JIVA program is based on extensive research. It emerged from a large national survey of Indian young people’s orientations to work and career and national consultation on career psychology that was attended by scholars, teachers, and counselors, officials from the NCERT and UNICEF and heads of schools.

JIVA means life, in most Indian languages. The JIVA career guidance system shows the young person that a career can be happy and healthy when it becomes an extension of his/her life.

JIVA Career Discovery Workshop for Students

About the workshop

Standardized and Validated: All tests and techniques used in the workshop are culturally validated and statistically standardized for the Indian context.

Activity based and Student Led. The JIVA career counselor facilitates the workshop through a series of activities supported by worksheets. Students engage in personal introspective activities .

The Career Discovery Path

  • Understanding yourself
  • Understanding world of work
  • Develop career alternatives
  • Career preparation
  1. Self- Discovery: The programme uses quantitative devise such as standardized aptitude tests and interest inventories. We also use qualitative method such as identification of student’s accomplishment, hobbies, marks and grades. This data is combined to generate the student’s potential profile which is a combination of the student’s interest and aptitudes.
  2. World of Work : Students are introduced to a wide range of careers, courses and institutions, entrance procedures and eligibility criteria. They also learn about educational milestones qualifications and subject streams. Attitude towards work and career beliefs are also discussed.
  3. Career Alternatives: Students learn to combine information about themselves and the world of work and identify a specific set of careers to explore further.
  4. Career Preparation: The workshop culminates with the student learning to generate and develop educational path ways and career plans.
  5. Career report: We prepare a career report for each student, with details about personal interest and aptitudes, career alternatives, career paths, with information about institutions for further and higher education. These reports are sent to the students approximately 6 weeks after the workshop.

Parent workshop

Many parents are uncertain about how to guide their children and may impose their own preferences. Included in the Jiva programme is a 2 to 3 hour group workshop for parents. The workshop informs parents about what was done in the student sessions and also gives them ideas and tips on how they can be effective forces in their child’s career development. Ideally, this session should be held on the evening of the day on which the student workshop is conducted.

Workshop Materials

  • Flip charts
  • Worksheets
  • Career information cards
  • Career dictionary
  • Learning cards
  • Student workbook


  • Program facilitator: The Elixir Solution counselor is a licensed practitioner of the JIVA method. Counselor has undergone rigorous training including theory and practice with the final certification by TIIS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences).
  • Target group: classes 10, 11, 12
  • Number of students minimum 5, maximum 30
  • Method: all school based activities will be conducted by the JIVA career counselor. Individualized career reports will be generated by career psychologists.
  • Duration: 1, 2 day format

The four key values

  • Career Development is a Spiral not a Ladder: Development may not always point in the forward direction. the world of work requires new learning as well as a reform to earlier positions and begin anew
  • The Jiva Tick Mark: The labour market today, offers the Indian young person innumerable opportunities. This does not mean that just because an opportunity exists it should be taken. How relevant is an opportunity to one’s interests and aptitude? Is it merely a job or does it lead to a career? Jiva teaches the young person to assess before accepting a career.
  • Green and Blue: These are the Jiva colours. Jiva challenges the young person’s sensitivity to the “other”. Career development is more than a promotion of self. The manner in which an individual engages with work should promote harmony within oneself, the community, and environment.
  • The Changing and the Unchanged: A career develops in finding the balance between what changes and does not change. Personal interests, for example, are more liable to change while aptitudes are relatively more stable. Jobs are tied to the boom and bust of the labour market. But a career, composed as it is of a collection of jobs, does not go out of demand as easily.

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