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I found this session helpful. it was really good. I really got an idea about career, interest, aptitude etc

Madhav Murali

I had a great learning experience at Jiva career guidance program. It taught me many things which I should consider while taking up a career.

Salil S

The session was really interesting. I got some new information’s regarding the career path it help me to understand some my aptitudes. I really enjoyed it

Riju K John

It was an awesome experience for me to about the different careers. the time period from morning 10: 30 am till evening 5 pm was a time filled with thought of careers.

Sameer Usman


I feel lot of difference in me after came to elixir. I used to have negativity in me before, but after coming here I feel like happier, free and positive. I have built up the confidence to believe myself. The session has truly helped me bringing a lot of changes and confidence in me.


Counselor has helped me  at many crucial crises of my life with her effective counseling. Her holistic approach and  insightfulness from being socially aware  has improved the quality of my mindscape , indescribably. It has improved my overall outlook of  life by improving my attitude towards self and the others, thereby enhancing the quality of my life and finding meaningful solution to my emotional and life problems.


We are extremely thankful to you for bringing positive changes to our daughters life as well as to Ours. We approached you with our daughter who was having anxiety problems. We as parents were totally in a helpless situation at this stage. Your counselling sessions were very effective and it made her improve her confidence and self-esteem. Your sessions were very gentle and caring and she felt very comfortable expressing her feelings to you. This helped to shape my child’s thoughts in a positive way. The daily positive affirmations and mental exercises helped her to navigate smoothly. The great relief for us as parents was that we could approach you at any time in person or through phone. You daily messages are helping us in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Your efficiency and dedication to your clients is highly commendable. I would highly recommend you to others struggling through life’s difficult stages.

Blessy John

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